SKYINTECH offers a robust set of strengths and capabilities in the areas of hardware and network engineering. These include: custom I/O cabinet design and fabrication, I/O network design configuration and installation, power distribution and grounding design and analysis, custom interface design, commissioning, and lifecycle maintenance services.

Allow SKYINTECH’s skilled designers and electrical engineers to tackle your unique hardware and network engineering challenges. We are ready to design, test, validate, and install custom hardware for your process control project. Our full suite of hardware engineering services spans from project inception to post-installation lifecycle. We offer extensive consultation services at the outset of your project, to complete system design and build, all the way to total system lifecycle maintenance.

Whether we’re undertaking a new network build or repairing or expanding an existing network, our services are designed to keep a facility’s digital infrastructure up and running and working at peak efficiency. SKINTECH is experienced in protocol emulation (the development of compatible interfaces between different proprietary devices and networks) this allows interaction with almost any network or device, whether it be standard, legacy, or proprietary. This allows you to be able to continue using more of your existing hardware and network infrastructure while upgrades are in process.